Nanofiltration EAMS - Membrane development

Nanofiltration (EAMS) – Hybrid membranes for organic solvent nanofiltration

Polymers find a wide application in the membrane field. However, in extreme environments, such as high temperature (>300°C), extreme pH and harsh organic solvents, polymeric membranes are often unstable. Current developments focus on finding practical and economical viable membrane materials to be commercially applied.

New membrane materials are being developed, based on the interfacial polymerization principle. Also, we establish chemistry-structure-performance relationships, by applying in situ and in operando characterion techniques.

Spectroscopic ellipsometry

Spectroscopic ellispometry is a non-destructive, optical technique that measures changes in film thickness and refractive index. This technique is well apllicable to thin films (<500 nm) and can be applied in situ.

Broadband dielectric relaxation spectroscopy

Dielectric relaxation spectroscopy measures the relaxation times of polymer chains with a dipole, upon the application of an electric field. Information on polymer network / chain mobilities can be obtained.

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