Gijs Tubben

Hi. My name is:

Gijs Tubben

Program Officer - Clean Ammonia, Industrial Fluids Processing (IFP)

+31 6 2367 6061

Gijs is an innovator by heart. During his Bachelor studies at Wageningen University in ‘Bedrijfs- & consumentenwetenschappen’ and a Minor in Prague he became intrigued with sustainability. “I tend to see sustainability as a complex puzzle that requires solving; a challenge that I am eager to undertake.” Therefore, Gijs continued his academic career with a Masters in Management, Economics, and Consumer Sciences, in which he mainly focussed on sustainable innovation. Gijs graduated in 2023 and found his way to ISPT through the National Energy Traineeship.  

I see collaborative innovation between industry partners as a big orchestra: everyone knows perfectly well how to play their own instrument, but it takes a conductor to play a symphony

Gijs Tubben, innovator by heart

“In the past few years, I have realized that I want to make a lasting sustainable change to this world. I am particularly drawn to the grander scale of innovations and technologies within the field of sustainability. When it comes to the energy transition, I’d like to look at the challenges from a broad perspective. Given the current state, this transition requires extensive technological advancements and innovative solutions, coupled with systematic thinking and a critical approach. Besides, collaboration is crucial to innovation, as it enables us to visualize and implement a comprehensive plan for industry and society. This approach aligns perfectly with ISPT’s way of working.”  

 “At ISPT I will focus my efforts on the Clean Ammonia Innovation Platform and Industrial Fluids Processing (IFP). Both are equally challenging. I find working together in large consortia interesting. It requires a specific approach where you look closely at the behaviors and motivations in each company. The sooner you can identify these elements, the easier you can respond to them and organize a good collaboration. In this complex sustainability puzzle, I hope the power of energy can help us to build bridges, rather than divide us.”