Boelo Schuur - Program Director IFP

Hi. My name is:

Boelo Schuur

Program Director - Industrial Fluids Processing (IFP)

+31 6 1417 8235

Boelo Schuur was born and raised in Groningen. He has a background in Chemical Engineering and continued his education with a degree in teaching, but after a year of teaching, Boelo decided it was time for a new challenge, and he pursued a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Groningen, where he specialized in separation processes. Since obtaining his PhD in 2008, Boelo has been involved in several ISPT projects. As of January 2023, Boelo is ISPT’s Program Director of the Industrial Fluids Processing program.  

“Over the years, I have acquired expertise in numerous areas, equipping me with a diverse skill set that can be advantageous in my new role as program director. My main expertise lies in molecular separation processes. This includes important processes within a wide range of industrial products, from pharmaceuticals to chemicals. What I find interesting is the recycling of complex streams, such as plastics for example, in which I focus on recovery and reuse of valuable components.”   

Our projects will serve as a stepping stone towards a greener industry

Boelo Schuur, Program Director of Industrial Fluids Processing (IFP)

Due to Boelo’s background with diverse projects, he has grown a broad understanding on the Netherlands’ industrial terrain. “What I see is that the concept sustainability has gained significant momentum within the industrial sector in recent times. If we can team-up in research and innovation consortia at ISPT, we can be an important driving power in making industrial production processes more sustainable.

“I strongly believed that my expertise, combined with my knowledge of the various parties involved, enables me to connect suitable partners and find new, fitting parties for our projects. My primary objective as Program Director is to facilitate projects that can make a substantial contribution to the advancement of sustainable development. Currently, we have several promising initiatives that offer potential solutions for a more sustainable Dutch economy. I am hopeful that these projects will serve as steppingstones towards a greener industry.”