Use case: Energy Hub


The Energy Hub is a powerful software suite that brings Industry 4.0 to energy management and the first tool that can handle the energy flows of a complex manufacturing plant.

The Energy Hub is an impressive software tool for energy management and the first tool that can handle the energy flows typical in food processing. Thanks to Condugo’s proprietary Metamodelling technology. With an integrated energy management platform, the Antwerp company Condugo hopes to conquer the world market. Companies with millions of energy bills can use their software to control energy costs, see how energy processes are running and where potential efficiency gains can be found.
Large companies keep very accurate data on their energy purchases and consumption. In practice, these are thousands of parameters. CEO Xavier worked for just over two years on software to link all these data together.

The developed software can help clients with reducing operational costs as well as emissions. Managers can now handle energy conciously and in a more informed way. Optimize product and energy flows to maximize the use of waste heat and secondary streams. Specialist dashboards, tailor-made reports and configurable alarms help to reduce the impact of energy on the bottom line. Link energy and production flows to reduce the energy consumption per production batch. The Energy Hub goes far beyond monitoring with advanced features like energy allocation, forecasting, scenario analysis or invoice verification. It integrates with your existing software stack and is directly accessible through the web browser

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