Integration of gigawatt scale electrolyser Netherlands

Integration of gigawatt scale electrolyses in 5 industrial clusters


The conclusion of this study, which is part of the Hydrohub Innovation Program, is that GW scale green hydrogen facilities are possible in all 5 industrial clusters in the Netherlands. Furthermore, present industrial demand is sufficient as driver for take-off of large scale green hydrogen production.

As a starting point, the GigaWatt Scale Electrolyser project has delivered base line designs for GW scale electrolyser facilities based on PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) and Alkaline electrolysis technologies according to the current (2020) state of the art. The aim of the study presented here was to investigate the possibilities for such a facility in each of the 5 Dutch industrial clusters.

By analysing relevant aspects of the local situation, such as power supply and product demand, we obtain valuable insights into the extent to which large scale electrolysis facilities can be standardized or should be tailor made to the local situation.

We have assessed the suitability of a total of 22 regional available plots for large scale electrolysis. We have assessed the infrastructure for electricity, water and hydrogen, as well as the regional demands for hydrogen. Adding to this, we have looked at the potential for residual heat usage.

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