Gigawatt Green Hydrogen Plant

Gigawatt green hydrogen plant: design and costs


We are one important step further towards a Dutch hydrogen economy. We proudly present the design for an innovative and advanced green hydrogen plant at gigawatt scale, which can be operational in 2030.

Expectations about the role of hydrogen in the energy transition are sky-high: hydrogen must be used in many places as a CO2– and fossil-free energy carrier and raw material – in industry, transport and many more places.

This hydrogen must be produced green on a large scale in 2030. We need to scale up from the current 10 MW of production facilities to gigawatts of plants. The Hydrohub Gigawatt Scale Electrolyser project has been concerned with the question of how such a plant will look like.

The results of the study are well summarized in the report: “It provides a complete and realistic picture of the capital expenditures required for building such a plant, powered by wind energy, and ready to provide green hydrogen to industrial end-users.” For alkaline electrolyser technology a total installed cost of 1400 €/kW is estimated for 2020, for PEM technology the cost is 1800 €/kW. 

The difference between these 2 technologies is largely related to stack costs, which are higher for PEM technology. Furthermore, the importance of incorporating not only direct but also indirect costs, owner cost and contingency for end-users. These costs are often not reported but need to be taken into account from an investment point of view.

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