Dashboard of the Carbon Transition Model

Carbon Transition Model for Dutch industry


The Carbon Transition Model was developed at the initiative of ISPT by a broad consortium of companies and societal organizations. This model maps out raw material, energy and emission flows for carbon-intensive companies, and predicts how these flows change with different options for achieving sustainability.

We believe that the dialogue between government, energy sector, industry and society on possible pathways towards a circular and carbon neutral process industry in the Netherlands can only be successfu when everybody has access to the same information.

Therefore, the Carbon Transition Model initiative was started to develop a transparent, fact based, open source model to facilitate just that. The Model can be used to explore different scenario’s together, whereby the consequence of certain choices become clear and a mutual and coherent understanding of the (combination of) various transition options towards 2030 and 2050 evolves. The Carbon Transition Model will facilitate the process to make the right fundamental choices, at the right
time and in a cooperative way.

In the first phase of the model development (2020-2021), a version 1.0 (a working prototype) of the Carbon Transition Model has been developed. Below you can download our report on the first phase.

The Carbon Transition Model can be accessed online, where you can explore zero emission pathways for Dutch industry yourself.

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