WeCare – We Create Awareness & Reduce Energy

The WeCARE project demonstrated the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence technology of EnergQ at a selected number of end users. EnerGQ’s self-learning energy management technology unveiled the excessive energy consumption and with that the impact of the human factor.  

The AI software compares the real time energy consumption with the data from similar situations as generated during the benchmarking period. Industry uses the capabilities of advanced process control to:

  • Detect non-conformities preferably in directly in real time, understand complex root-causes and prevent quality issues
  • Reduce costs and environmental impact through optimal use and re-use of energy, water and resources
  • Meeting increased demands and supply flexibility with limited investments
  • Reduce downtime, increase efficiency and optimize use of spare parts and staff

Acknowledgement & partners

This project was subsidized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Programmes EA subsidies, Top-sector Energy, executed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.