GreenWedge: actively market your sustainable technology


The GreenWedge project’s goal is to build capacity at technology suppliers within the small and medium enterprises in relation to the development of propositions for the presentation of efficient energy technology.

In short:

  • The GreenWedge project helps SMEs actively market their sustainable technology

GreenWedge: building better green propositions

A goal within the Dutch energy policy is to raise energy efficiency within the industrial sector by 20% in 2020. From earlier projects like ‘Green by Choice’ and ‘Green by Design’ it became apparent that a delay in the realization of these goals and the implementation of actual economization is partly due to the way in which organizations do not include the aspect of higher energy-efficiency in their purchase decisions.

A ‘wedge’ is a tool to exert force in the right direction, for example to split an object. In this project we want to break open the dialogue between buyer and supplier and give it a sustainable turn. The GreenWedge project focuses on supplier and buyer communication. It aims at capacity building among SME technology suppliers in order to stimulate the development of green propositions. ​​

Learn to put a sustainable proposition in the spotlight with existing and potential customers

How do you sell sustainable technology?

Read the article Suppliers in conversation: how do you sell sustainable technology? (in Dutch) about the GreenWedge project on the website of the Dutch Topsector Energy & Industry.

In the GreenWedge project, ECN part of TNO, ISPT and Wageningen University & Research (WUR) work together on capacity building among technology suppliers.

Acknowledgement & partners

This project is co-funded with subsidy from the Topsector Energie by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.