Mild Fractionation For Food

Mild Fractionation for Food

Climate change and water stress are 2 major issues concerning the industry. Several food companies aim for a reduction of both the carbon and water footprints of production processes by more than 30%. Our Mild Fractionating for Food program is exploring new concepts and techniques for extracting complex molecules and proteins from various process flows.

Where in the Drying & Dewatering program the focus is on energy reduction, in the program Mild Fractionation for Food we work on closing the nutrient cycle. Fractionation refers to the extraction of valuable components like proteins and other fractions from residual flows, beet leaf and grain waste for instance. Mild refers to the way it is processed.

It is our mission to explore new concepts and technologies for the extraction of complex molecules and proteins from various process flows, and help companies in the food industry to achieve their sustainability and business goals.

Together with an enthusiastic group of industrial partners, universities and technology providers are jointly working on:

  • The development of tools for evaluating new processing configurations for agro feedstocks, focusing on product and process functionality, material efficiency and economics;
  • Development and demonstration of mild fractionation technologies (e.g., high capacity membrane systems, industrial chromatography);
  • Case studies for the participating industries.

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