Food Roadmap: sustainability in the food industry

Food Roadmap: sustainability in the food industry


The Drying & Dewatering (D&D) and the Mild Fractionation for Food (MFFF) programs are inviting organizations to contribute to a food roadmap that will help the food industry to achieve their sustainability and business goals.

More specifically, the objective of the D&D program, which works closely with the Dutch Working Group on Drying (NWGD), is to improve current techniques or develop new ones so as to use less energy and cut CO2 emissions while maintaining or improving product quality. The MFFF program is exploring new concepts and techniques for extracting complex molecules and proteins from various process flows.

Food Roadmap to guide activities in the years ahead

The programs are working together to create a roadmap that will serve as a guide to their activities in the years ahead. That will involve both finalizing a number of projects around energy conservation and launching new ones. The programs are therefore pleased to invite companies to join them in pursuing these aims with a view to enhancing their work and achieving the above aims, in part by contributing new ideas. The interaction between industry and academia is key to D&D and MFFF projects, since it helps to realize cost-effective R&D and to ensure the effective and rapid transfer of technology from laboratory to industry.

Topics that new D&D and MFFF partners might contribute to:

  • Convective drying
  • Conductive or dielectric drying
  • Freeze drying or lyophilization
  • Valorization of waste streams
  • Smart sensoring
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Heat recovery and re-use

Those that MFFF partners could help work on include:

  • The development of tools for evaluating new processing configurations for agro feedstocks
  • The development and demonstration of mild fractionation techniques such as high-capacity membrane systems and industrial chromatography
  • Carrying out case studies for the industries involved

Prospective partners are invited to contact Program Director Peter de Jong or with Program Officer Anne van der Zwaan. Feel free also to get in touch with them for questions about the programs, the roadmap, or how you can contribute.