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Known to some as a visionary leader, to others for his headstrong stubbornness. Fortunately compensated by a large dose of charisma. Tjeerd Jongsma is a man with passion and a vision, who brings together people simply because he’s convinced that through collaboration we will succeed in making the world a better place. The Netherlands leading the way, of course.

Tjeerd Jongsma is ISPT’S Managing Director, an organisation he described as “a bunch of hardworking people that all have the same goal in mind.” At ISPT we believe that by 2050, we will have transitioned to a circular and carbon neutral industry. According to Tjeerd, to achieve this goal, we have to mobilise the industry and work together. “This aspect of my work is as much exciting as it is challenging. In my day-to-day work I strive to make connections, drive long-lasting relationships and build a sense of trust with our partners.”

In the end of the day I want to inspire other companies to move forward in a more sustainable direction.

Tjeerd Jongsma – Director ISPT

Tjeerd: “We are in the midst of a transition. Achieving full industry circularity is not something that happens overnight. It comes with many complex challenges, blind spots, and pitfalls. As an organisation, that currently finds itself at the centre of this transition, we aim to gather all players and actors of the industry to come together. This way, we can create a clear overview of those challenges and find ways to overcome those.”

It all started with a fascination for innovation. “Technology allows us to make steps, we didn’t think were possible a few years ago.” Over the past few years, ISPT has built a broad portfolio of projects and hit a few important milestones. “But a transition remains a transition. It exists of many small steps that have to be taken before we can achieve the end-goal.”

Yet, Tjeerd believes that the Netherlands holds a key position in the energy- and material transition. “The first big step has already been taken: there is a sense of awareness. Now, we need to further mobilize the Netherlands. That means working together with companies – big or small -, knowledge institutions, academia and governance. At ISPT we can offer them a sense of direction. I would like to say that we, at ISPT, take the lead to facilitate this transition in the best way possible. With an eye for technology, innovation and people we can move boundaries and open new ways of working.”

More about Tjeerd

After a study in Chemistry and a PhD at Shell, Tjeerd worked for Wageningen University as an agro-technological researcher. In 1996 he became Director of Food and Food processing. From 1999 he held the positions of Director Corporate Technology and Director Corporate Research at Friesland Campina. His passion and vision to tackle the societal challenge of the energy and raw materials transition eventually brought him to ISPT where he took up the position of Managing Director in 2010.

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