Nadine Kool

Hi. My name is:

Nadine Kool

Program Officer - Fascinating

Nadine’s journey began with a desire to explore various career possibilities. “After highschool I wanted to explore a wide range of options while orienting myself internationally. This led me to a study in International Communications and Media in Utrecht. Through this program, I was able to study abroad in Budapest, I delved into an additional specialization in Media Psychology, fulfilled an internship at a video animation company, and graduated with a Thesis on the Filter Bubble in relation to digital consumer behaviour.”  

“After my studies, I strived for more personal and professional development. I achieved this primarily through travel, first exploring Asia and two years later, I embarked on a journey through Central America”. Next to her passion for travelling, Nadine explored several interests professionally. “I initially worked on different projects for a network organization, next in consultancy and later for an arthouse cinema. Here, I acquired essential skills such as maintaining overview and structure, leading projectteams, organise events and other crucial communication and organizational skills. Furthermore, I spent two months in Bolivia, leading social projects for an NGO.”  

I have never done it before, so I think I can do it

Nadine Kool, Program Officer Fascinating

Nadine considers her time in Bolivia a wake-up call. “The beautiful, rough nature of Bolivia showed me what’s at stake if we keep walking  the same path.” This was the trigger that sparked her journey to ultimately enter the field of sustainability. To immerse herself further in this new field, Nadine pursued a traineeship with Milieudefensie, known as the Fair Future Generator program, for which she was introduced at Greenpeace. There, she dedicated her focus to organising events related to ecological agriculture and a transition for the Dutch food system. “Working for Fascinating is therefore a good match, although I first learned about these issues from an activist-perspective, I believe both perspectives are necessary to achieve our common goal. Because in the end, we all want the same thing: a healthy planet for all species and a future for next generations, but we can only achieve that by working together.”