Monique van Vliet

Hi. My name is:

Monique van Vliet

Events & Communications

+31 6 3741 9896

Monique believes it is crucial to create a better future for our planet and all living things on it. In this regard, she sees sustainability and innovation as key solutions to re-use natural resources and overcome climate challenges. Within ISPT, Monique contributes to this within her role as communications and events officer. 

“In my role I get to handle a number of large and small events, including the annual ISPT Conference & Fascinating Growth Festival. A job that is right up my alley: all aspects of the communications profession come into play here. Writing, designing, organizing, enthusing, connecting and coordinating. Everything from A to Z! In addition, I can be a sparring partner for my colleagues and arrange practical matters around an event where I monitor planning and budget.” 

“I have come to know ISPT as an organization where collaboration is paramount. It collaborates with a diverse range of other experts and organizations to develop and implement sustainable solutions. This gives us access to state-of-the-art knowledge and research facilities to achieve our own sustainability goals.  This helps to create and share new opportunities, knowledge and experiences and in this way learn together from other partners in the network.”  

However, as the saying goes: ‘knowledge not shared is knowledge wasted’, therefore ISPT organizes numerous events for communicating this newfound knowledge to partners and other target audiences, so that it may be used to lead to change. Monique’s organizational skills come in handy here. She describes herself as a creative communication all-rounder, that can easily make something out of ‘nothing’. “My heart starts beating faster with detailed scripts that outline an event from A to Z. There is nothing like working on something for weeks/months, until the moment comes when the event really comes to life.”