Jennifer Jacobs

Hi. My name is:

Jennifer Jacobs

Internal Process & Office Coordinator

+31 (0)33 700 97 97

Jennifer Jacobs is our Internal Process & Office Coordinator. She studied International Business Communication at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and has a background in project management and marketing communication at various (international) financial institutes, charities and government agencies. 

Jennifer masters the art of shaping our internal processes in order to create the perfect working environment for all colleagues ánd our partners. When the opportunity to work for ISPT came along, she was immediately enthusiastic. ISPT’s approach to the transition towards a CO2-neutral, circular economy is positive and based on collaboration. That’s right up her alley, since Jennifer loves to work for an organisation with such an inspiring mindset.

Jennifer: “Giving back to society and our planet feels natural to me. As a professional I have worked for various charities. It feels really satisfying to make a tangible contribution to society. Sustainability is a key concern to me. Not only professionally. It would be my dream to build a carbon neutral house one day. For now, I look forward to seeing what the future holds for me and how I can make a successful contribution to ISPT work.”  

It would be my dream to build a carbon neutral house

Jennifer Jacobs – Makes sure all our internal processes run smoothly

During the Covid-19 Crisis, Jennifer worked at the National Institute for Public Health & Environment. “I learnt that collaboration and sharing knowledge are crucial to create a sustainable future together. As Internal Process & Office Coordinator I am excited to contribute to ISPT’s ambition to be the leading institute for open innovation in the process industry in the Netherlands. From my previous positions as Project-, Business- and Implementations Manager in the international financial sector and non-profit sector I have gained strong communicative, organisational and project management skills. I immediately recognised this role at ISPT with its demanding workspace and complex internal processes as an ideal opportunity to put my skills to good use.”