Gemma Steeman - Manager Online ISPT

Hi. My name is:

Gemma Steeman

Manager Online Communications

+31 6 3063 1580

Gemma is responsible for all online communications at ISPT. She especially loves coming up with a clever content strategy, meaning: content that inspires people to make better choices.

As a teenager, she wanted to save the world and to go to Africa: dig wells and help children. But then she went to college, started her first job, got married and forgot all about that dream. Until her 30th birthday.

Gemma Steeman: “I quit my job, waved goodbye to friends and family, and left for Africa. I ended up living and travelling Africa for over 1.5 years, covering over 53.000 kilometers straight through 29 African countries in a LandRover. Among other things, I did volunteer work in a neglected wildlife park in Malawi. It’s one of the coolest things that I have ever done.” 

“After my time in Africa, the feeling of wanting to contribute to the world has never left me. But from a perspective of self-reliance and not charity: I learned that lesson in Africa. And in that, my philosophy matches that of ISPT: if people work together, they can change the world.” 

If people work together, they can change the world

Gemma Steeman, expert on #contentstrategy and #onlinemarketing