Annita Westenbroek - Program Director ISPT

Hi. My name is:

Annita Westenbroek

Program Director - Heat, Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES), Building Blocks from Waste (BBfW)

+31 6 5107 6774

Change, connectivity and future oriented. These are the 3 words Annita Westenbroek often uses to describe the work of ISPT. “I believe that with these core-values, ISPT truly makes a difference compared to other organizations that do research or set up projects.” 

According to Annita Westenbroek, our Program Director Deep Eutectic Solvents and Heat, ISPT is all about making connections and striving to make a lasting change to the world. “Our work here focusses on the fact that in the future, things will have to be different. Not just in the interest of the industry, but for everyone living on this planet and for all future generations.” 

Annita has a huge drive for sustainability. “I believe change is possible, the urgency has become more apparent. We need to grasp the moment and act now. But that is easier said than done. Many companies want to change, but often they don’t know how. Sometimes it is because they don’t have time to keep up with the latest developments or technologies, they are stuck in old patterns, busy with their day-to-day operations or are faced by financial barriers. At ISPT we can help them with our network, our knowledge, we can remove technical barriers, facilitate better communication between parties or get them in touch with technology suppliers.” 

Many companies want to change, but they don’t know how

Annita Westenbroek – Expert bio-based economy

Annita found her way to ISPT through director Tjeerd Jongsma, whom she connected with during her work at Wageningen University almost 25 years ago. Annita was active in bio-based economy and particularly to facilitate cooperation between companies. “My career at ISPT started with the project Deep Eutectic Solvents in the paper industry around 2015. After that I kind of stuck around. My current focus is setting up a programme for residual flows. It was not necessarily my intention, but I saw a need from the industry and wanted to set up a platform for different actors to connect on. Everything came together nicely. I think that would describe my role at ISPT best: I discover a need, identify problems, make the first connection with potential partners and make sure a project is set-up and followed-through.”