Rob Stevens

Rob Stevens

Program Director Clean Ammonia Innovation Platform, ISPT

Rob Stevens is Program Director of the Clean Ammonia Innovation Platform at ISPT. For ISPT a relatively new subject, but for Rob a true passion that he has been tirelessly pursuing for over 25 years.

Rob started ammonia-related work about 25 years ago. After his PhD research at TU Delft on enzymatic reactions in near-critical carbon dioxide in 1997, he started working for Yara. Early on he decided to focus his efforts on ammonia. This allowed him to travel all over the world, from The Netherlands, to Qatar, Norway, Australia and finally back to Norway.

Rob is leading the Clean Ammonia Innovation Platform. He hopes to use his drive and expertise to make clean ammonia a success and to coordinate ISPT’s position in this new economy.  “Right now, it is of extreme importance that we all head in the same direction. Hydrogen is a crucial element of the energy transition. And the industry is already considering alternatives. It is time to shine a more positive light on ammonia as an energy carrier to support the hydrogen industry and work towards a fossil free industry.”