White Paper: Advancing Circular Carbon in the Industry (Steel2Chemicals)


The transformative Steel2Chemicals project serves as a shining example of the industry’s aspirations for the future. This White Paper, titled “Steel2Chemicals: Advancing Circular Carbon in the Industry,” focuses on a four-year pilot project that demonstrates the feasibility of utilizing gases from steel manufacturing as feedstock for the chemical industry. This innovative approach offers mutual climate benefits by reducing emissions for both sectors.

Within this White Paper, you will discover the key findings of the pilot project from various perspectives. Firstly, the pilot factory successfully showcased the viability of this interconnection. Additionally, it revealed that the costs of implementing this project are lower than the alternative of inaction, which would require payment for EU emission allowances.

The Steel2Chemicals (S2C) pilot project aims to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by interconnecting the steel and chemical industries, utilizing gases from steel manufacturing as feedstock for chemical production.

The project’s success in demonstrating the viability of this interconnection highlights its potential for cost-effective emission reduction compared to alternative methods.

While implementing large-scale S2C installations may face challenges due to specific process technology knowledge, significant investments, and space limitations at steel mill sites, alternative approaches such as CCS, hydrogen-based steel production, and the utilization of biomass or recycled plastics as feedstock also hold promise for reducing emissions in the industry.

Join the collaborative efforts of different sectors and knowledge institutes as we explore innovative carbon pathways. Dive into the feasibility of a ‘second life’ for carbon from steel mill gas and be at the forefront of creating a sustainable future.

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