SI-20-06 Cover report HyChain 3

HyChain 3: Analysis of the current state and outlook of technologies for production of hydrogen


This project represents the outcomes of half a year of research on hydrogen supply chain technologies. In a collaborative effort between industry parties and research institutions, key information was collected into 59 fact sheets on technologies for production, conversion, storage, transportation, and reconversion of hydrogen.

In addition to quantitative information, the project also explored qualitative risks or opportunities that are known to be associated with specific technologies.

This represents the largest single repository in the public domain on this topic and can be a key reference manual to serve as a starting point for other analysis on hydrogen supply chains.

Accompanying this document is also an Excel collection of the key data and uncertainty. Together, this information serves a key supporting function for reaching the ambitions of the RVO and industry in the efforts towards decarbonizing industry

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