Whitepaper: Using SAM4 to help drive sustainable industry

Whitepaper: Using SAM4 to help drive sustainable industry


SAM4 is a predictive maintenance system that helps maximize asset uptime by detecting developing faults up to 5 months ahead. But there’s another plus: that same data provides concrete insights that enable energy and carbon reductions.

SAM4 is a smart condition monitoring system for AC induction motors and rotating assets such as pumps, compressors and conveyors. Six high-frequency sensors measure current and voltage from the safety of the motor control cabinet. SAM4’s self-learning artificial intelligence algorithm analyzes the resulting signals to detect equipment faults as soon as they start to develop, and identify the specific failure mode at play.

At our installed customer base (part of the ERGO-project), SAM4 has detected more than 90% of developing faults up to 5 months in advance, increasing uptime, energy efficiency and overall equipment effectiveness.

There are 4 main ways to reduce the energy wasted by industrial motors:

  • Use motors in a higher efficiency class
  • Catch developing faults earlier
  • Use the smallest motor that will do the job
  • Optimize the underlying processes.

In this paper, you’ll read how technology designed for the 2nd point can also provide you with actionable data on the last 2 points.

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