Next Level Solid Oxide Electrolysis

Next Level Solid Oxide Electrolysis


In this feasibility study, the upscaling potential for Solid Oxide Electrolysis (SOE) is investigated and evaluated for 3 industrial use cases. It is suggested that an upscaling potential is possible through increase of current density with a factor 2, increased surface areas of cells with a factor 8 and bigger modules of 9 MW.

As a result, a substantial CAPEX and footprint reduction could be potentially achieved.

This project has investigated the potential of the Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells (SOEC) technology on an industrial scale in 3 different use cases:  

  1. Hydrogen production in an ammonia plant
  2. Syngas and green hydrogen integrated with blue hydrogen production and downstream e-fuels 
  3. Coal monoxide production

For each use case the upscaling options of the SOEC technology in the industrial environment, including heat integration and retrofit integration, was explored. The research has led to an analysis of both the technical and economic aspects of SOEC integration, resulting in a roadmap for SOEC integration in a pilot plant.

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