Sustainable heat in the Dutch industry

Utilities and Optimal Use of Heat

Our mission is to accelerate sustainable heat and heat-integration technologies that enable the transition towards 100% CO2-free industrial heating.

Heat is the largest energy consumer for many companies in the agro-food, paper, chemical, horticultural and food sectors. As agreed upon in the Climate Agreement, by 2050 the Dutch industry will have a fully carbon-neutral heat supply for all temperatures. In achieving this, it will be crucial to exchange and jointly build up knowledge and experiences and share the results.

Enabling 100% CO2-free industrial heating

Our focus is in accordance with MMIP7 (Industrial heat system free of CO2):

  • Heat reuse, upgrading and storage
  • System concepts for heat and cold
  • Maximizing process efficiency
  • Deep and ultra-deep geothermal energy
  • The use of climate-neutral fuels

Heat Integration Platform

The challenge of the transition is so vast that efforts must be of national scope. Therefore, we have taken the initiative for a nationally supported cross-sectoral Heat Integration Platform, in which innovation and practice are actively linked.

This platform offers companies the opportunity to share knowledge, ambition and experience.

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