Clean Ammonia Innovation Platform

Clean Ammonia Innovation Platform

Ammonia can play an important role in the energy transition and climate goals. But so far little is known on how to fit clean ammonia value chains in the future sustainable energy mix. There is a lack of knowledge regarding needs for investments to match future demand, how a supply chain of clean ammonia is envisioned, benefits of cracking ammonia to hydrogen technologies, and enablers for scaling-up and to have a profitable business case.

The Clean Ammonia Innovation Platfom brings together stakeholders to address these questions and form a future landscape for ammonia. ​

Working together to drive innovation

Following recent developments on the energy market and decarbonisation incentives of the industry, global production and transport of renewable energy carriers is expected to grow tremendously over the next few decades. Innovative solutions are necessary to enable this rapid growth in the energy transition. Clean ammonia is likely the first key modality to grow because of the standing practice at scale, experience and supply chains readily available.

However, the build-out of this supply chain from classic commodity use for e.g., fertilizers, to a new role as key energy vector in the hydrogen economy or marine fuel also brings many new challenges. For example on safety, technology availability, and on the use of ammonia in new applications. The challenges posed by this growth are experienced broadly. Therefore, it makes sense to join hands and confront the challenges together in the Clean Ammonia Innovation Platform. 

The Clean Ammonia Innovation Platform strives to be an open, trust-based environment to explore opportunities to start innovation projects. The innovation program will focus on 3 main pillers: technical, economical and societal. The platform also helps to facilitate the connection with a large network of experts across the value chain to help with the development and exchange of knowledge. Ultimately, the joint activities and exchanges of knowledge can be translated into action towards impact on decision-making for clean ammonia and it’s developments. 

The Clean Ammonia Innovation Platform has 2 key functions:   

  • Building a community to exchange knowledge, market development and needs
  • Working towards innovation projects and activities to strengthening your own business

Key activities of our Innovation Platform include:  

  • Network events   
  • Workshops and masterclasses   
  • Innovation program and projects   
  • Consortium development   

Current partners

Port of Rotterdam, Shell, BP, E.ON, Koole Terminals, Duiker Combustion Engineers, Zeta Energy Systems, Ammonia Energy Association, Horisont Energi, Deltalinqs, RVO, HyCC and OCI.

Join us

Stakeholders are invited to join the Clean Ammonia Innovation Platform. When you do, you are required to make a contribution both in cash and in-kind. For further participation in innovation projects, a financial contribution will be determined separately.