A special day to recognise toptalent during the Granting and Graduation event


The strength of the combination student, industry and academia was palpable during the Granting & Graduation event on Wednesday the 15th of November in the Utrecht Railway museum. ISPT, COAST, VNCI and the Topsector Chemie celebrated this festive congregation for the fifth time.

The ISPT wishes the 15 promising young toptalents who received their grant good luck and an inspiring and teachable two years and is also very proud to congratulate our 10 students who have successfully completed the PTTP program and received their certificates.

Photos: Sjoerd van der Hucht


After an introduction by the day’s chaiman Joost Hoebink and Oscar van den Brink (Topsector Chemie), scientist Atze Jan van der Groot gave an inspiring guest lecture. The worldwide food problem, the opportunities and role of technology where the main topic.

Future Talent

Because the Dutch chemistry sector also needs skilled and highly trained professionals in the future it’s extremely important that promising students opt to study in the field of chemistry or chemical engineering. To stimulate students to opt for these fields the PTTP program was initiated by the ISPT.

The Topsector Chemie strives for excellence. The chemical industrial sector is a dynamic and innovative sector that directly contributes to a sustainable society and a healthy economy. The Dutch chemical sector strives to be a leader in Europe and will need to constantly innovate to maintain its competitive position. More than ever talented chemists are needed to realize these ambitions.

Sustainable Energy Challenge for Texel

Prior to the Granting and Graduation event a group of 16 students in mixed teams from the different excellence programs of the Topsector Chemie took on a challenge about sustainable energy and the possibilities for the island of Texel. The students was asked to determine the technical and economic feasibility of the power-to-ammonia concept for the island and pitch it in groups of four.

An Expert panel made up of chemistry and energy sector representatives chose the winning team ‘Team4Texel’ for their pitch on: “The use of ammonia as a fuel for the shipping industry to decrease environmental impact by CO2, NOx and SOx’’. Download their presentation Here (Dutch).

Photos: Sjoerd van der Hucht