124 million for the first phase of Circular Plastics NL

Goal of Circular Plastics NL is to recycle 50% of all plastics


January 1st 2023 is the official start date of the National Growth Fund program Circular Plastics NL. Behind the scenes we are already making preparations to get started soon. Circular Plastics NL is an 8-year program with a total budget of over € 500 million in which companies, knowledge institutions and government work together.

The program was created in close cooperation with the Circular Plastics Initiative (which is powered by ISPT), among others. It will launch on January 1st 2023, and has a total budget of € 500 million.

Goal is to recycle 50% of all plastics

Together with other companies, knowledge institutions and government bodies we will work together towards the 2030 goal to recycle 50% of all plastics. Circular Plastics NL fights climate change, reduces the use of fossil raw materials and decreases environmental pollution.

In addition, the sustainable earning power of the Netherlands and the plastic & rubber chains is strengthened. 

How to participate: join the Circular Plastics Initiative (CPI)

You can participate by joining ISPT’s Circular Plastics Initiative (CPI). Our goal is to boost circularity in plastics on an industrial scale. We address the entire value chain from an international perspective and focus on the technological, logistic, and societal challenges lying ahead.

Find out more on the Circular Plastics Initiative and join our plastics community op LinkedIn.