Power to Ammonia: From renewable energy to CO2-free ammonia as chemical feedstock and fuel


The Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) and its partners in the Power to Ammonia (P2A) project have recently successfully concluded a feasibility study into the storage of renewable energy in ammonia (NH3) for three business cases.

Driven by ambitious CO2 reduction targets and increasing production of renewable energy (e.g., wind and solar), parties in the energy sector, together with chemical industries, are looking for innovative ways to produce CO2-free ammonia and use this ammonia to balance supply and demand without having to revert to fossil-fuel-based generation of electricity. The study shows that the electrochemical production of ammonia from renewable energy is a likely option and also offers a very promising solution for large-scale seasonal storage and import of renewable energy.

Feasibility study for the value chains and business cases to produce CO2-free ammonia suitable for various market applications.