Industrial Agenda for 100% sustainable energy in 2030


On her 10th anniversary Urgenda published the report `Energy 100% Sustainable in the Netherlands by 2030`. The report outlines five areas in which things can be done differently: the built environment, mobility, food, industry and energy production. According to the report, transitioning to a 100% sustainable energy supply is cheaper and cleaner than staying with fossil fuels, creates 150,000 new jobs, secures a safe energy supply and propels innovation.

The report states that the industry will be able to save 50% of its energy from now until 2030. Input for this conclusion came directly from the steel, chemistry, paper and concrete industry. Also ISPT was pleased to be able to consult Urgenda on the industrial agenda.

During the presentation Urgenda director Marjan Minnesma emphasized the importance of a transition towards a circular economy within the existing process industry. As an example of industrial symbioses she mentioned the circular use of carbon monoxide from the steel industry as a base for the production of chemicals in the chemical industry. Because industrial scaled electrolysers and heat pumps play such a vital role in these circulair processes, it is necessary to invest in these technologies.

Finally she called upon the Dutch government for an industrial policy. The full report can be downloaded here. (Dutch)