EColoRO and Pentair nominated for Water Innovator of the year


During the Water Vision Congress on February 18th at ICDuBo in Rotterdam, the Water Innovator of the Year will again be announced. Amongst the nominated candidates are innovative companies, start-ups or government institutions that highly value innovation, sustainability and public-private partnerships.

ISPT is proud to find that two of her partners are nominated for this inspiring title: Both EColoRO as well as Pentair.

Textile mills can reduce their water consumption by up to 90 percent using the EColoRO concept, which consists of electrocoagulation followed by membrane filtration, to treat their wastewater and then recycle it. The concept slashes both water consumption and costs using environmentally responsible technologies. More information at

Pentair Advanced Filtration just launched her new flux enhancing Helix technology. With this technology, X-Flow addresses a bottleneck in high-solids ultrafiltration (UF) by preventing the buildup of foulants. Due to the effective membrane cleaning at low crossflow velocities, Helix significantly reduces the energy footprint compared to standard tubular membrane solutions. More information

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