Developing a platform to give a broad push towards Industrial Heat Pump Implementation


For a sustainable and future-proof process industry, it is vital to reduce the CO2 footprint of industrial processes.  Heat pump technology will play a major role towards realizing this reduction.

A number of barriers need to be removed to unleash the potential of industrial heat pumps at large scale. These barriers relate to the awareness and engagement of all stakeholders, varying from parties active in technology development & implementation up to the finance sector and policy makers.

Initiated by the TKI Energy & Industry , ECN, ISPT and IEExperts join forces to create a blue print for a broad platform to accelerate the industrial implementation of heat pump technology.

In the coming months stakeholders from different sectors will be invited to give their view on the status and awareness in their field of heat pump technology and to share their opinion of the road to large-scale adoption. In addition, the status of the technology as well as ongoing developments and the targeted applications will be mapped.

This study will result in a blue print of the platform to address the real as well as perceived barriers that are currently hindering large-scale adoption of industrial heat pumps. The platform will improve awareness of the potential of industrial heat pumps within the target markets. This will open the road to broad implementation through a shared insight in the availability and time to market of the technology.

Furthermore, by active engagement with the government the platform creates the opportunity to prepare and set effective policy measures to further enable and strengthen the implementation of the technology.

This platform will result in an ecosystem for the entire value chain that enables the widespread availability of the affordable heat pump technology for industrial implementation. This will unlock the tremendous impact towards energy saving and CO2 footprint reduction in the industry that the heat pump technology possesses.

The preliminary study towards establishing the heat pump technology platform is expected to be finalized in April 2017.

If you want to keep informed of the progress, please contact Klaartje Rietkerken – ,  Operational Program Manager at ISPT.

More information about technology and applications, please contact Simon Spoelstra – , innovation manager industrial heat ECN.