Chemistry generates more innovations


The innovation network of the Topsector Chemistry has realized a sizeable increase in the bustle in the chemistry sector. In 2015 up to 245 innovative start-ups and SMEs were registered withing the network of the Centers of Open Chemical Innovations (COCI’s) and the Innovation Labs (iLabs). In 2014 the number was 180. The society of the Dutch Chemical Industry (VNCI) is happy with this development. Innovation in chemistry is essential for being able to cope with the challenges our society faces and to keep the Dutch chemistry industry competitive. VNCI together with the Topsector Chemistry and the government has endeavored to stimulate entrepreneurship in chemistry and to speed up innovation.

In practice many innovations prove to stem both from collaborations between knowledge institutes and industry, as from unique combinations of competences, knowledge and technologies from different sectors. This has resulted in collaborations between agro and chemistry and energy and chemical businesses that offer new materials, resources and sustainable energy sources. VNCI in collaboration with the government aims to further speed up these innovative activities. Possible ways to reach this goal are the strengthening of the chemistry clusters, making investment capital and markets more accessible, having the government fulfill the role of launching customer and jointly investing in demo and pilot plants.

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