Artificial Intelligence in the Industry


SAAI project researches social acceptance of AI in Industry

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Artificial Intelligence and Smart Solutions are already all around us. Systems can work autonomously and more efficient when Intelligent Systems are applied. One of the biggest challenges for companies when it comes to implementing AI solutions however remains the cultural resistance. The increasing industrial automatisation and the development of AI brings with it a host of ethical issues, fears and objections. Fear of losing autonomy and a fear of jobs being lost are problems that are often a result of a lack of transparency and insight in how intelligent systems actually work.

Within our Industry 4.0 cluster we organised the SAAI project, or Social Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence in Industry, that kicked off on Tuesday the 26th of February. The objective of this project is to accelerate the acceptance of AI and digitization in Dutch industry and society. The SAAI project aims to make an inventory of the available literature about the acceptance of Intelligent Systems that describe interventions that are aimed at the interaction with the end-user of these systems. Subsequently a number of these interventions will be developed to be applied to the project industrial partners’ AI and Big Data development processes. The long term goal of the SAAI project is to contribute to an acceleration of the implementation of AI in industry and subsequently reaching a reduction in energy use of up to 40%.


This project is co-funded with subsidy from the Topsector Energie by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.